Tuesday, 14 June 2011

i smash mics like corn bread you can't kill me i was born dead...

Back again with another post on one of the greatest lyricists/rappers I've ever listened to. BIG L was another rapper that never reached his full potential after he was fatally shot in NY at only 24. After releasing his first album"Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous"(1994) with huge success, L went on to record another album "The Big Picture 1974-1999"(2000) which wasn't released when he was still alive.

The iconic rapper was most renowned for his flowing lyrics and catchy punch lines. His most famous song Put It On is another one of my favourites. With a great instrumental and more great lyrics from the "smooth kid that'll run up in your baby mother", this song is hard to ignore when thinking of the golden era. Go listen to some of his other songs How Will I Make It, Flamboyant, Platinum Plus,  and see why this artist could have brought so much more to hip hop.